• Anushka Rai

Why you should buy airline miles for your next travel?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There are numerous reasons as to why buying cheap airline miles would put you in a win-win situation.

It could be very difficult to earn miles for an award flight if you do not fly often or don’t have the right credit card rewards program. Even if you do have the right credit cards to earn miles, your spending power determines how much miles you can earn on a monthly or yearly basis. Even then, a lot of times people find that they are still short on miles when planning their next travel. Primarily, buying miles can be used to ‘bridge a gap.’ For example, if you’ve already collected 28,000 miles and you have your eye on a flight that requires 78,000. It could be worth it to buy the additional 50,000 miles you need rather than paying for the entire flight out of your pocket. To top-off a smaller amount of miles can make it worthwhile to buy miles for your next travel.

Furthermore, buying airline miles can be a smart way to travel. Traveling Internationally can be a long and tiring journey, especially when traveling coach. We all know how expensive premium cabins are these days! However, if you were to enjoy a business or a first class seat – it makes your lengthy journeys way more exciting, pleasant AND memorable! Many international travelers purchase miles for luxury travel (flying business or first-class) because redeeming tickets using miles can also be a huge bargain saving them thousands of dollars! However, please keep in mind that purchasing points for economy class or domestic flights are not always worth it as economy flights are already discounted deeply and most domestic flights aren’t usually long enough. The amenities provided by these kinds of flight aren’t good enough to justify your value. Points and miles can offer incredible value only if you know how to use it correctly.

For instance, an economy flight from Los Angeles to Singapore can cost $934 USD round trip. The same flight costs 76,000 miles if you were to use miles instead, which translates to roughly about $1250-$1300 USD – as mentioned, you may not find the use of using miles for an economy flight.

On the flip side, let's look at the cost comparison for a premium cabin below on the same flight!

The same flight on business class costs about $6300 USD round trip when buying straight from the airline's website, or 190,000 award miles, which in this case, 190,000 miles translates to about $3100 USD.

Compared to the $6300 fare, you are already saving 50% right of the bat, or a huge $3000 USD+ savings by using miles to travel. Even more savings and value can be achieved on first class redemption.

Even though fare prices may fluctuates depending on season, mileage prices can also fluctuate to stay competitive!

Bottom line – you can achieve deep savings when you buy airline miles, provided you can find a scenario that would give you high a value for your purchased miles and use them correctly. The Points Trader have dealt with many clients worldwide, advising & consulting each client on the best possible way to use points and miles and how to maximize values. We have hundreds of satisfied clients all over the globe with positive feedbacks commending our services. 85% of our clients are returning customers who continuously seek our services and advice for their ongoing travel needs to save more money. If you wish to buy airline miles to travel luxuriously for less or top off your existing miles balance for your next trip, simply reach out to us and get a free quote here today!