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Travel Better. Travel Smarter. Travel with Miles.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you feel high traveling expenses are coming your way, hesitating you from having a luxurious and comfortable flight?

If you answered yes, this is why you need to understand how to travel better and smarter. Buying frequent flyer miles is a smarter way to travel in this day and age; it will save you money and in addition, give you a memorable, comfortable experience. The journey can always be equally as memorable as the destination!

How to travel by purchasing miles? Allow us to introduce you THE travel hack that will make travel luxurious and also cost-efficient:

What are frequent flyer points?

Today, most credit card companies support frequent flyer programs. These programs are loyalty programs offered by most airlines. They encourage airline customers to exchange their points gained through credit card purchases to frequent flyer miles. The agenda of these programs is to allow customers to collect points, which can be redeemed to air travel tickets or other rewards. 

In simpler terms, most credit cards and airlines collaborate together for mutual benefits. Customers can use their credit card for shopping, paying bills and more - in return, the user gets points referred to as frequent flyer miles. Ultimately, these collected points can be redeemed into rewards - like getting cheaper first or business class airline tickets. 

However, collecting frequent flyer points through your credit card expenditures can be time and money consuming. Additionally, if you opt to buy points from airline companies directly, they would charge you a hefty amount. Fortunately, thanks to our trading system, The Points Trader offers a platform to buy miles at a cheaper rate.

When a First or Business class tickets are published at several thousand dollars by the airline, they are generally more affordable to redeem with miles. For example (varies by case), a business class seat from North America to Europe one way can roughly cost a minimum of $2000usd. Whilst with miles, it may cost anywhere between 55,000 - 70,000 miles depending where you specifically fly to and from. 70,000 miles only translates to $1190 USD. That is nearly 50% cheaper!

If you do not have that many miles, that is where we come in and can provide for you! Get a free quote here today to see how much it would cost to buy the miles you need for your next travel plans.

Not only this, we also offer the cash earning option for people who hold credit card points from their day-to-day transactions and don’t need to use the points. Get the best rate at and make your flying experience incredible. Remember, the journey can be equally as memorable as the destination.



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