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Let it Snow! – Top Snow Destinations

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but we say having some snow is delightful! Put on your mittens, stock up on boxes of your favorite hot chocolate mix, and head out to these destinations to awe yourself with stunning views of powdery-white snow. Freezing fun for all!

1. Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen area is home to four distinct mountains: Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. This snow-capped open space accommodates skiers of all experience levels, as well as participants in cold-weather activities like snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Bonus: Ride the Silver Queen gondola for sweeping views of white!

2. Lapland, Finland

This Arctic region offers a childhood Christmas dream. Enjoy sleigh rides and spot real-life reindeers. Did you know Rovaniemi,Lapland’s main town, is the home of Santa Claus?

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

The perfect place for some winter adventure. Hop on a dog sled for a safari tour led by super friendly Alaskan Huskies or enjoy a unique ice museum where you can slide up to the ice bar to sip on a very cold Appletini. End your adventure with a warm soak at Chena Hot Springs. It will be even more rewarding if you get to spot the dancing Northern Lights during the clear skies.

4. Bergen, Norway

An Instagram-worthy town which has heaps to do during snowy months. Go up the Fløibanen Funicular for spectacular views. If you couldn’t get enough with the views, continue on a Fjord Cruise to see Winter in all its beauty. Don’t forget to warm up your hands and insides with a good cup of coffee as you plan all the things you can do in this gorgeous city. 

5. Banff, Canada

A UNESCO World heritage site, Banff National Park is a bucket list destination for many. Nothing better than taking a helicopter ride for the best possible views. There are a lot of options for the romantics too; Like a couples massage, outdoor hot springs, luxury lodges and cozy hideaways – all during the snowy winter. Baby, it’s cold outside!

6. Nagano, Japan

Tokyo is all hype, but wait till you step foot in Nagano during winter. Home to the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is blessed with scenic views during the cold months. Be sure to visit during the annual Snow Festival that attracts over 50,000 people just to view creative snow sculptures of every size. Nagano also prides their Jigokudani Monkey Park located in Yamanouchi Town. It is home to over 100 Japanese macaques, chilling like a boss in the hot springs. Quite a sight!

7. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Away from tourists and a population of only 15,000 people, Cesky Krumlov is a hidden gem in Europe’s Czech Republic. it looks as if it stepped out of the screen of Disney’s Frozen movie, especially when its landscape is covered with a fresh coat of snow.Its grand architectural heritage was untouched by war and has managed to stay intact, allowing visitors to enjoy its narrow cobblestone roads, picturesque bridges and 13th-century castle. 



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