• Anushka Rai

The New SQ Suites A380 – Why It’s Worth The Ride?

Besides upholding the title of World’s best First Class with exclusively only six suites in the entire aircraft, here are the top reasons why it’s worth to trade your points for Singapore Airline miles to go aboard the new A380 SQ Suites (not that you need any justification).

1. It’s spacious and expands at 50-square-foot per suite.

Each suite is comparted with artistically pleasing sliding doors, surrounded by high walls to ensure privacy. The suites are designed in such a way that for a quick second you might believe you are in a hotel room. There is space for you to lay down on the floor, sit cross-legged to do some meditation or even extend your body and do a cobra yoga pose. If you’re travelling with a plus one, there’s room for both of you to enjoy fine eye-to-eye dining at 30,000 feet.

2. The luxe amenity kits.

There’s an assortment of Lalique products, including lotion, perfume, a lip balm and even a candle. They all come in a reusable Lalique leather pouch. Additionally, they also give out Bose noise cancelling headphones and Lalique sleeper suites (read: pajamas) which come in different sizes and is possibly at par with your most comfortable loungewear at home. You just don't want to get out of them!

3. Large lavatories.

The two lavatories for Suite Class passengers are filled with complete amenties such as brushes, razors and dental kits. There is even a separate vanity area for a quick fix after your sleep. For the ladies this also means perfect bathroom selfies to get you the Instagram likes.

4. A plush leather seat separate from the folding bed.

This allows you to chill comfortably in the chair or rest in bed without the need to convert the bed from a sitting position. The seats swivels up to 270 degrees, too! Did you know the leather seat is upholstered in fine leather from Poltrona Frau, a furniture-making company based in Italy, that also has been dressing Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati car seats. In regards to the bed, it is comfortable but towards the firmer side. However, there is nothing to complain about as long as you can have breakfast in bed, in the sky!

5. Oustanding food and drinks.

Singapore Airlines’ premium class passengers are treated to ‘Book the Cook’ services; a service where you can select a gourmet main course from a vast selection of dishes at least 24 hours before departure. Here are some of our favorites: Lobster Thermidore, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Nyonya Assam Fish. Of course, we did not forget the Chilled Malossol caviar for appetizer flushed down with either a 2006 Dom Perignon Brut or the 2004 Krug Vintage (filled to the top, s'il vous plait!). There are even ‘air sommeliers’ on board to help you pick the right wine when dining.

6. The service is impeccable.

The crew addresses every customer by name and do all they can to make your flight as enjoyable as possible. As soon as you open your eyes after a restful nap, they will rush to your service offering a long list of snacks, coffee, and/or more champagne.

7. Free Wi-Fi.

In this day and age, Internet is life. As a suite passenger, you are entitled to 100MB of free and fast Wi-Fi. We found 100MB sufficient for some Whatsapping, Facebook location updates and stock market checking. Afterall, you have enough on-board entertainment to drift you off your phone.

8. Access to the Singapore Airlines’ Private Room.

During your time at Changi Airport, you can enjoy this exclusive invitation only lounge located at the back of the airline’s first-class lounge. The a-la-carte menu at the dining room is hard to pass up. There are also a couple of enclosed smaller rooms at the back for utmost privacy, away from the hustle and bustle of Changi’s terminals.

When flying the new Singapore Airlines Suites A380, we only had one complaint: no distance is long enough. By all means, it is worth the ride. This product is currently flying routes from Singapore to Sydney and London. Anyone can enjoy this ‘hotel room above the clouds’ and we make it affordable. Contact us at for more details.